Announcing the Release of the Cats of the Internet Charity Playing Cards

Toronto, ON (January 16th, 2013) — AmazeCats, an enthusiastically cats-only group, has teamed up with 13 of the most famous cats on the internet to create a deck of playing cards featuring beautiful photos of these famous cats, all for a good cause. 

For the first time ever, these famous cats have joined forces in making something their fans will love. The playing cards were created as a way for the famous cats to give back to their fans while helping their fellow cats in need. The proceeds raised from this deck will be donated to Stray Cat Alliance, a non-profit organization aimed specifically at caring for and finding homes for stray cats.

“Stray Cat Alliance is honored to have been chosen to benefit from sales of The Cats of the Internet Charity Playing Cards. The cats are beautiful and it will be fun playing with the deck with friends and animal lovers,” said Christi Metropole, Executive Director of Stray Cat Alliance. “We are so grateful that our organization will be able to save more cats and kittens through our partnership with AmazeCats. It's the purrfect gift for every occasion!”

Each card in the 54 card deck features a photo of one of the most famous cats on the internet. Combined, these cats have a fan base of millions of followers across numerous social media sites. Fans will enjoy playing cards with Lil Bub, Henri le Chat Noir, Colonel Meow and a great line-up of the internet’s favorite felines.

“We’re really excited to be able to share this great product. Seeing all our favorite famous cats together on one deck is amazing,” said Megan Wilkinson, co-founder of AmazeCats. “Each of the cats' guardians has been very enthusiastic about the charity project, and eager to participate for such a good cause.”

The Cats of the Internet Charity Playing Cards will be sold online and are available for pre-order now on the AmazeCats website ( The first orders will be ready to ship worldwide on January 28th.

The Cats of the Internet Charity Playing Cards are a great way for cat lovers to donate to a worthwhile cat charity, while enjoying and adoring their favorite celebrity cats.

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About AmazeCats 
AmazeCats is totally dedicated to cats. They are cat lovers with a shared zeal and enthusiasm for felines. AmazeCats is for anyone who has ever sat and watched their cat just being a cat, or overflowed with excitement when sharing a cat photo with a friend. For those that work for the betterment of cats everywhere. Through partnering with animal charities, they are working towards creating a better world for cats. They love their own cats, and they love your cats just like you do. That’s why they make every effort to create ways for cat lovers to feature their amazing cats and share them with the world.

About Stray Cat Alliance
Stray Cat Alliance is a non-profit organization that educates and empowers the community to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy and valued. They provide free community programs and adoptions to further their mission of building a no-kill nation, one stray at a time.