Whisker Wars of the Internet

A tournament of cats to determine the internet’s most popular feline!

We started with 32 amazing internet cats. The cat lover's voted and one stood strong as the best cat on the internet...LIL BUB!

We lined up 32 of the most popular cats on the internet for 9 rounds of paw-to-paw madness. Cute took on talent, novelty faced off to wit, and cattitude went up against down right adorable! Let’s face it - cats are IT right now. Our furry friends have totally taken over - flooding walls, news feeds and blog posts with their unyielding cuteness and tomfoolery. When it comes to the world of cute animals on the internet, it's cats by a landslide! Jumping in boxes, playing musical instruments, even penetrating the realm of REAL world politics…they can do it all. Check out our Best Cat on the Internet bracket in the blog posts below.
Blog Posts:

Nov. 6th - Whisker Wars of the Internet

Nov. 6th - Round 1 - The Battle Begins in Cat Alley
Nov. 8th - Upsets in Cat Alley and Colonel Meow Ready to Pounce! --- Round 1 Results
Nov. 8th - Meet the Cats of Whisker Wars
Nov. 9th - The Mean Cats go Paw-to-Paw --- Round 2 Results
Nov.  14th - It's Stalking Cat by a Whisker and Henri by a Landslide --- Round 3 Results
Nov. 16th - Making Meows for the Round of 16 --- Round 4 Results
Nov. 22nd - A Cat in Gloves Catches No Mice --- Round of 16 (Part 1) Results
Nov. 23rd - Predictions and Outrage
Nov. 24th - And Then There Were Eight --- Round of 16 (Part 2) Results
Nov. 26th - The Whisker Wars presented by Nature's Logic
Nov. 29th - Maru and Lil Bub Advance to the Final 4 --- Elite 8 (Part 1) Results
Nov. 30th - All You Need is Cat Love 

Dec. 1st - Henri, le Chat Noir and Simon's Cat Advance to Final 4 --- Elite 8 (Part 2) Results
Dec. 6th - Henri Moves on to the Finals, Maru Returns to Boxes --- Final 4 (Part 1) Results
Dec. 8th - Lil Bub Moves on to the Championship Round of the Whisker Wars --- Final 4 (Part 2) Results

Dec. 10th - Exclusive Interview with Lil Bub and Henri - The Final Two Cats in the Whisker Wars

Dec. 13th - Lil Bub Wins the Whisker Wars --- Final Results

Dec. 17th - The Whisker Wars Highlight Reel


We really think ALL the cats in the Whisker Wars are winners. Spread the cat love! 

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